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The Global Alliance for Brain and Heart Health is dedicated to the advancement of public health with a focus on the impact of technology on cognitive, cardiac and social wellbeing, as well as other medical and mental health issues.


Our purpose is to advance education by providing public education programs, presentations and seminars, and conducting and publishing scientific research on the nature, risks, impacts and mitigation of environmental hazards and human health for children, youth and adults.

We give people of all ages the information, skills and support they need to be healthy and balanced in our rapidly-changing world; this includes science-based programs for dealing with stress, depression, isolation and attention deficit, as well as lifestyle-related medical symptoms and conditions.


Our highly skilled team of professionals will develop and offer effective educational programs to meet some of the most critical public health and environmental medicine challenges in this high-tech, electronic era. We target specifically brain health and heart health – best practices in prevention and integrative treatment.

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